Ski Lake Tahoe
Ski Lake Tahoe promotes various ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe, CA area. These banner ads drive traffic to The ads were designed to show the fantastic skiing that Lake Tahoe has to offer.
Reputation Defender
The following banner ads were designed for They are a online company that helps weed out unwanted information about you that is on the internet. These ads were designed to show people what can happen with unwanted information.
In order to drive traffic to I designed and built a series of banner ads. These ads were designed to add a human feel to the web site since it's product is people searches. The one's shown are just a small fraction of the ads that were designed.
I Am Screened
Banner ads were designed and created to promote the website I Am Screened provides background report to individuals. As well as driving traffic to the site, the purpose of the ads are to help people realize the importance of getting a personal background report before your job interview.