Backgrounds Online - Price List
I designed and created a price list for prospective Backgrounds Online customers. The list was approached to present clients a full list of all the background screening products the company offers.
Backgrounds Online - Welcome Packet
I designed and created a Welcome Packet for new Backgrounds Online customers. The brochure was approached to give new clients a clear understanding of how to use the new Backgrounds Online screening products.
I created a magazine insert/ad for SpaBlends. The design was approached so it felt like it was part of the magazine. The ad had very good results in additional sales for the company.
Kelly Ann's Day Spa
I was approached by Kelly Ann's Day Spa to come up with a detailed price list that they would use at their store and at tradeshows. After the launch prospective clients had a easier way of seeing all the products offered.
Reputation Defender
Reputation Defender needed a 8-1/2 x 11 flyer that they can hand out to affiliates. Since only a small amount of text was provided I came up with the child super hero idea and wrote the headline to match.
I designed a brochure for EdFund. This brochure was for a web campaign to promote one of EdFund's new products. The brochure was to represent a game board. The illustration was commissioned to an artist whom I art directed.
Prima Publishing
King's Quest was one of the many book covers I designed for Prima Publishing. I designed and did all the prepress work for the cover. I created the 3D illustration in Bryce 3D.
Adventist Health
I was commissioned to design the cover of a brochure for Adventist Health in Roseville, CA. They were looking for a different look than what was done previously so we did a photo illustration. The rest of the brochure was designed with this theme.
Backgrounds Online
I designed the logo and business card for Backgrounds Online. They are an online employment screening company at This design was approached to give the company a more professional look.
Designed and created the business card for This is the first time PeopleFinders had a busines card as their business is an online website They are a people search company utilizing public records. I did the card as two-sided to symblize how PeopleFinders can help you find the person you are looking for.
Government Technology
As lead production artist and assistant to the Sr. Designer at Government Technology Magazine I was in charge of the monthly design of the magazine. I designed many covers for the magazine as well as creating the actual digital illustrations. I also designed and created the body articles of the magazine. I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and even hand drawn illustration to create the designs.