Backgrounds Online v3
Backgrounds Online needed a minor redesign on key pages on the main site and in the client access area.
Backgrounds Online v2
The following website for Backgrounds Online is another redesign from the ground up. I updated the site to give it a fresh look and to refine the message of Backgrounds Online.
Backgrounds Online
The following website for Backgrounds Online is a full redesign. I designed a brand new corporate logo and updated the UI flow. I programmed the front end code and used Joomla for easy updates. The "Client Area" front end was programmed in .Net using Visual Studio for the HTML and CSS.
I was in charge of the look and feel of the main website for The following pages are just a few of the different designs that were done for the site.
Ski Lake Tahoe
The following design is the latest in a series of yearly redesigns for I programmed the entire site and used Joomla for easy updates.
Trader Vics
Trader Vics hired me to redesign their website. The original website was very basic and hardly reflected who they were as an identity. Two years later I redesigned the site again to give it a even fresher look. I not only did the redesigned but also did all the coding for the web site.
St. Hope
St. HOPE Academy, founded in 1989 by NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson, is a youth development organization in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. I designed and built the website for Based on the clients input I designed a website that reflected the modern feel of the organization.
Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
The Sacramento Asian Chamber of Commerce commissioned me to redesign their web site to a more clean look and feel. The updated design helped them move their online precense forward. The front end programming was also done by me.
MCS PrintNow
I was approached to create a web to print website. Not only was I asked to design the website but I was also asked to create the actual print work that would be used. The website opened up new opportunities for the company.
California Alliance
The California Alliance of Child and Family Services is a statewide association of more than 130 private nonprofit child and family serving agencies. Since the purpose of the company is to help families I designed their website to have a more friendly and family oriented feel to it.
OptOut is a web site that removes people from online public record databases. The company also sets up credit alerts. I designed the entire site and did all the front end programming for it. I also designed the logo.
Credit Fraud Police
Credit Fraud Police is a web site that sets up monitoring of online public record databases. I designed the entire site and did all the front end programming for it. I also designed the logo.
ID Theft Alerts
ID Theft Alerts is a web site that helps people with identity theft. I also designed the logo and worked with a copy writer to give the customer the product they wanted.
Spablends is an e-commerce body cream and lotions company. I designed their website and built it from the ground up. I installed the Miva Merchant shopping cart for them so they could easily add products. As a result their online business grew.
Plaza 555
The first modernist office building in Sacramento, Plaza Five Fifty Five remains the Capital City's premier business address. The design of the site reflects the look and feel of the building itself.